THCB + THCP + Rapid Onset Blend - Runtz Terpenes

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A unique blend of cannabinoids, designed to be uniquely potent with fast activation and longer lasting effects. In this distillate, you will find 9 different high purity cannabinoids, all with different roles to play in the entourage effect. To top off the mixture, cannabis-derived Runtz terpenes are added for flavor and to further extend the entourage effects.


This blend includes approximately:

5% D9-THCB

5% D9-THCP

20% HHC

15% HHC-O

15% Delta-8 THC

15% THC-O

6% CBG

6% CBC

6% CBN

and 7% cannabis-derived terpenes.


How to use

To use our cannabinoid blend, the 1g quantity comes in a glass syringe - easily applied when dabbing, creating edibles, or injecting into a vape cartridge. 


Reviews (6)

Matthew Fortunato Jul 11th 2022

I could dab this all day

The taste is to die for. the effects are on point and in a very strong good syringe. and a good price<3

John Jun 1st 2022

The strongest stuff ever!!

Some of the highest percentages I've ever seen, Super strong I would say, I would say either make tinctures or edibles, You can dab or smoke it, just make sure whatever you use is HQ or it may leak or just not work right, I got a Yocan brand 510 thread tank and it sucked, but the distillate was powerful and got me super high!!!

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Additional Info


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