THCB + THCP + Rapid Onset Blend - Runtz Terpenes

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A unique blend of cannabinoids, designed to be uniquely potent with fast activation and longer lasting effects. In this distillate, you will find 9 different high purity cannabinoids, all with different roles to play in the entourage effect. To top off the mixture, cannabis-derived Runtz terpenes are added for flavor and to further extend the entourage effects.


This blend includes approximately:

5% D9-THCB

5% D9-THCP

20% HHC

15% HHC-O

15% Delta-8 THC

15% THC-O

6% CBG

6% CBC

6% CBN

and 7% cannabis-derived terpenes.


How to use

To use our cannabinoid blend, the 1g quantity comes in a glass syringe - easily applied when dabbing, creating edibles, or injecting into a vape cartridge. 


Reviews (4)

Jay May 18th 2022

Bought 7!

They are amazing

Michael May 10th 2022

Better than carts

Very few commercial blends can compete with this on taste and noid content for the price. Get your chance to try thcb,

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Additional Info


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