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H4-CBD Syringe



$9.95 - $289.95
H4-CBD, also known as THD, or Tetrahydrocannabidiol, is Hydrogenated CBD, a psychoactive form of CBD that has a similar structure to HHC, but missing features such as a double bond. H4CBD has both R and S diastereomers, with the R thought to be the more...
CBDV / THCV Distillate


CBDV/THCV Distillate

$19.95 - $279.95
CBDV + THCV Distillate - Make your own CBDV / THCV Products! Our bulk oil is ideal for making your own edibles, vape or more - loaded with rare cannabinoids and hemp extracts, this distillate provides a unique combination of cannabinoids not found in...